Digital thermal imaging has arrived at Empire Veterinary Clinic. We are partnering with Crystal’s Imaging, by Crystal Sundburg M.S. and Digatherm to bring this technique to you. 

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging takes an image of naturally emitted energy from your pet to help further diagnostics and detect potential problem areas in your companion. It specifically measures infrared radiation coming from your pet to help assess the neurological, circulatory, and musculoskeletal systems of your companion. It is a safe, FDA-approved, noninvasive tool the veterinarian can use to determine the next step in diagnostics without stressing your companion.

Thermal imaging can shows areas of inflammation, neurological irritation, and potential tissue injury. It can be used for early detection of problem areas or secondary locations in the body that are going through added stress due to an injury. Thermal imaging can be used as a physiological review for an annual exam or for geriatric patients. It can provide a more in-depth evaluation, or monitor the progress of therapeutic protocols your companion is going through. Thermal imaging is included in the therapy laser packages we provide, to keep track of your companion’s progress.

What do I need to do to prepare my companion and when is it available?

The digital thermal imaging service is provided through Crystal’s Imaging that comes into our clinic various days during the week. If you are interested in having thermal images taken of your companion, please call us at (209) 521-7305 to make an appointment. Thermal images will be taken in a short session and the veterinarian will analyze the images. You will then be provided with a report to show the areas that we are concerned with.

To get the most accurate images possible, we want your companion to be acclimated to the environment in which the thermal images are taken. We will have your companion rest in the room at least 10 minutes to acclimate to the room. It is best if your companion is clean, handled with care, and relaxed. Please do not bath or blow dry your companion before the appointment, as wet or hot fur can affect the images we get. Please try not to touch or pet your companion too much right before the session. You also emit radiant energy and can either trap their energy by holding them or transfer some of your own energy to the animal. If your companion has a bandage on, please remove at least 20 minutes before the session. These are all little things you can do to help us provide the most accurate analysis of your companion. 

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (209) 521-7305.